An award-winning screenwriter and director represented in the UK and US.

In 2014, Eddie made his debut short film OUT OF BODY, which was selected for the prestigious BFI ‘Black Star’ Season. The following year, Eddie's second short film I USED TO BE FAMOUS was made via the BFI/Film London 'London Calling Southern Exposure' Film Fund. The film picked up a number of wins worldwide and was BIFA long-listed for Best British Short Film.

Eddie has since been shortlisted as a Kevin Spacey Foundation Artist of Choice and is represented by Sayle Screen (London) and Artist’s First Management (LA).

He now has two  projects currently in development. I USED TO BE FAMOUS (a feel-good drama adapted from his award-winning short) and thriller CAPITAL VICES. Other projects on his slate include MAJOR CHORDS (feel-good drama), The Futurists (80s Drama) and Time Stands Still (Comedy/Drama).

Eddie has also written and directed films for many of the world’s biggest brands and recently his McLaren #BEBRAVE campaign garner over 50 million views, reaching 10million views in the first week.